The Day Room

With its lovely view over Oudezijds Voorburgwal, this room served as the Hartman family's living room during the day. At night, they used it as a bedroom. The bedstead remains there to this day, to the left of the door. When Jan Hartman bought this house in 1661, he was aged 42, married and had five children.

When the historic house was restored, the wall fabrics in this room were recreated. This was no easy task, since hardly any examples of this precious textile – intended to keep heat in, as well as being decorative – have been preserved in the Netherlands. In order to achieve the best possible reproduction for this room, the Sko Monastery in Sweden, a castle built between 1654 and 1676, was used as an example.

The new versions for this room were created based on the design of the wall fabrics in the castle, which remain in good condition. In order to enable them to be removed easily from the walls, they are attached by nails, as they were in the Golden Age.

The staircase to this room has both concave and convex steps. This is one of the original oak staircases from the 17th century.