The second dwelling in the alley

From the opening of the church in 1662, Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder always had its own priest. And from this time until 1887, the priest lived in this house, probably using this room as a combined study and bedroom. Petrus Parmentier was the first to have lived here.

This dwelling was quite luxurious for its time. An example of this can be seen in the marble floor that his friend, Jan Hartman, from whom he rented the house for 250 guilders a year, had laid for him in 1662. That marble remains here to this day.

Hartman intended to allow the priest to live out his days here. On his deathbed, he issued a codicil allowing Parmentier to use the dwellings and the church for as long as he wished. However, things would turn out differently. Hartman died in 1668, at the age of 49, leaving considerable debts. Several years later, the financial situation became so dire that Hartman's family was forced to sell the properties. Petrus Parmentier had no choice but to move.