The seventeenth-century kitchen

The ground floor in the house at the back of Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder is divided into three: the front of the house, the kitchen with the hearth (to provide light, heat and for cooking) and the utility area where provisions were stored and the washing-up was done. In the 17th century, this was done in the water basin, probably the only source of water in the house. The door to the small privy is here, a toilet rinsed clean using a bucket of water.

Since the three rooms lead out into an alleyway, it is relatively dark. In order to enable as much daylight as possible to enter this building – not originally connected to the house owned by merchant Jan Hartman – large windows were placed near the front door when it was built. Since its restoration, the lighting in the rooms has been recreated in the style of the Golden Age. In addition, several layers of paint were very carefully scraped off the window frames and ceiling in order to identify the original wood colouring in this part of the house. The researchers revealed dark red and dark brown pigments, which can once more be seen here today.