Our Ladybird in the Attic

A family tour for young and old

Nan is a ladybird who helps children explore Our lord in the Attic. A trail of ladybirds and an explanatory booklet leads through various rooms, the church and the kitchens.

Cabinets with a picture of Nan are designed for children to open and playfully explain the museum themes. Like what is an altar and who was the Virgin Mary? How does an organ work? How did people live in Amsterdam in the 17th century and wat is confession? This and much more besides is available on the family tour.

The tour is for children. You can take the tour with a grown-up. Or with your older brother and sister. Grown-ups can read aloud from the book. Older children can read it themselves. As long as you do it together!

The treasure hunt is available from the reception for EUR 1.00.