House Rules

To ensure that you and others enjoy visiting the Museum Our Lord in the Attic, please observe the following house rules:

·  A visit to the museum is at your own risk
·  Owing to the many stairs, the museum is poorly accessible to people who have difficulty walking
·  Stiletto heels may not be worn in the museum 
·  Visitors are not permitted to eat, drink or smoke in the museum rooms
·  The instructions of museum staff should be followed at all times
·  Cloakroom: Bags/backpacks (compulsory) and coats (optional) can be left in the cloakroom. Please do not leave any valuable items behind in the cloakroom.

Additional rules for group visits:
·  Guided tours are given only by in-house guides from the Museum Our Lord in the Attic. Other visitors in groups can make use of the individual audio tour facility.
·  The group teacher/supervisor is responsible for the course of the visit and the behaviour of their pupils/participants. You are expected to provide an adequate number of supervisors; at least 1 supervisor for every 10 pupils/participants, who should also supervise them in the museum.
·  Please ensure that pupils/participants do not inconvenience other visitors in any way, and ensure that pupils/participants do not speak too loudly or run in the museum.
·  If pupils/participants need to answer questions on paper, they should do so leaning on writing boards. If necessary, these can be obtained from the museum reception desk. Ensure that there is no writing on tables, display cases or walls.
·  If pupils/participants are working in groups: agree beforehand on a common finish-time and meeting place.